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Everyone is familiar with coaching: Our favorite world -Class Sports professionals wouldn’t be where they are today without exceptional sports coaching. Many CEOs, entrepreneurs, business leaders, executives and business professionals would not be as successful without business coaching But there’s another type of coaching that sounds more foreign to many people: life coaching.

The life coach definition is someone professionally trained to help you maximize your full potential and reach your desired results. They are like a supportive friend and a trusted adviser rolled into one. They’re someone who will push you to identify your goals hold you accountable and provide encouragement throughout your journey to become a better version of yourself.

Life coaches complete extensive training that teaches them how to ask the right questions communicate effectively and get to the heart of your needs and desires in life. They’re often trained in a specific coaching method, like Tony Robbins’ Results Coaching. Do your research about different methods and the training hours that are required – not all coaching programs are created equally.

A life Coach encourages and counsels clients on a range of professional and personal issues. Life coaching is distinct from giving advice, consulting, counseling, mentoring and administering therapy. You hire a coach to help you with specific professional projects, personal goals and transitions. 

A coach helps you grow by analyzing your current situation, identifying limiting believes, and other potential challenges and obstacles you face and devising a custom plan of action designed to help you achieve specific outcomes in your life.

As part of the Courageous conversations programme we are offering a free life coaching session with the Twilight Community Group’s Life coach professional Mr. Frank Cody .

Mr. Cody will discus and develop all of the above and more.

To avail of this unique opportunity call

Twilight community Group on 0567813105 or text your detail to 0863255840 / 0872925464 info(at)twilight.ie

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