’What Mental Health needs is more sunlight,more candor,more unashamed conversation.’’

—-Glenn Close—-

The Courageous Conversation Programme is aimed at using the proven power of communication to collectively, courageously and with determination address  critical issues in an increasingly diverse community, with the objectives of achieving integration, inclusion and a sense of belonging for every community within the wider kilkenny community. 

It is also about creating an empowering, enabling and conducive environment, where members of our community, both migrant and indigenous, can safely and courageously share their thoughts, experiences and knowledge about the challenges, barriers, limitations and opportunities of co-existence. It is also about actively listening to one another.

Courageous Conversation hs the following elements —
1. Discomfort
2. Intentionality
3. A growth mindset
4. Inclusion and Belonging
5. Embracing Innovation and Creativity